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​"Crossmaze offers a secure, caring, and nurturing space for children to thrive and learn at their own pace. Our inclusive learning center is dedicated to fostering positive connections among children, parents, and staff. We are deeply committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where every child is cherished and respected."

Crossmaze Preschool, located in Neotown, Thirupalya, is the preferred choice for busy parents in the area. Situated conveniently close to numerous corporate offices, our center offers a clean, secure, and vibrant environment for your little ones. Our well-lit classrooms and immaculate washrooms create a comfortable setting, complemented by a fully equipped indoor and outdoor play area.

Crossmaze Preschool goes beyond conventional schooling. In addition to age-appropriate educational programs, we provide daycare and after-school care services to accommodate the needs of working parents. Our center is designed to be a nurturing home away from home, featuring brightly lit, well-ventilated classrooms, supervised play zones tailored to each age group, and engaging activity centers.

We take pride in our world-class infrastructure, child-friendly facilities, and stringent safety measures, ensuring a safe haven for your children to explore, learn, and grow. At Crossmaze Preschool, we aim to foster an environment of joyful discovery and enriching experiences, allowing your children to unleash their imagination and creativity.

Discover the Crossmaze difference today – step in with your child and give them the best start on their educational journey!

Crossmaze - Neotown

Crossmaze Preschool, strategically situated within the environs of SNN Raj Greenbay in Electronic City, represents the favored choice among discerning parents with demanding schedules. Conveniently proximate to a myriad of corporate establishments, our institution is characterized by the provision of a meticulously maintained, secure, and dynamic milieu tailored to the holistic development of your children.

Our well-illuminated classrooms and impeccably maintained restroom facilities contribute to the creation of an optimal learning environment. This is further complemented by the availability of a comprehensively equipped indoor and outdoor play area, fostering both cognitive and physical development.

Crossmaze Preschool transcends the boundaries of conventional pedagogical approaches. In addition to delivering age-appropriate educational curricula, we extend our offerings to encompass daycare and after-school care services, thoughtfully tailored to accommodate the exigencies of working parents.

Our institution takes great pride in the eminence of its infrastructure, the child-centric nature of its facilities, and the uncompromising stringency of its safety protocols, thus rendering it a secure sanctuary for your children's intellectual and personal exploration, fostering an environment of learning, discovery, and growth characterized by joy, creativity, and imagination.

Crossmaze - SNN Greenbay

Crossmaze Preschool, nestled in the heart of Electronic City, Neeladri Nagar, is the top pick for busy parents in the neighborhood. Located incredibly close to major offices and residential apartments, our place is like a clean, snug, and enchanting wonderland for your little ones. Our classrooms shine as brightly as the sun, and our play areas glisten, creating the coziest space for your kids to play, learn, and explore.

Crossmaze offer specialized programs for kids of all ages, featuring engaging activities and a vibrant curriculum. We also provide after-school care, giving busy parents some well-deserved peace of mind. Our place is akin to a second home, with classrooms as radiant as a rainbow, play zones tailored to every age group, and a treasure trove of exciting activities!

We take immense pride in our extraordinary school, offering cool experiences for kids and maintaining super safe regulations to keep everyone smiling. At Crossmaze Preschool, we're all about having a blast, learning new things, and igniting your child's imagination. With the best child-to-adult ratio and a strong focus on transparency, your child's safety is our top priority.

Ready to embark on the magical journey at Crossmaze? Bring your little one and discover the unique way we approach education! 🌈🎓💫

Crossmaze - Neeladri Nagar

Crossmaze Preschool, centrally located in the heart of SNN - The Hub, Begur, emerges as the preferred choice for discerning parents in this community. Capitalizing on its strategic proximity to numerous corporate offices and nearby residential projects such as SNN Raj Serenity, Prestige Song of the South, Windsor Troika, and many more, our institution offers a meticulously maintained, secure, and enriching environment that caters to the developmental needs of your young ones.

Within our well-appointed premises, you'll discover well-lit classrooms, play area and impeccably maintained restroom facilities, creating a comfortable and nurturing setting. This is further complemented by the presence of a fully equipped indoor play area. Crossmaze Preschool transcends the traditional boundaries of education. Alongside providing age-appropriate educational programs, we extend our services to encompass daycare and after-school care, thoughtfully tailored to accommodate the specific requirements of working parents.

We take great pride in the excellence of our infrastructure, the child-centered nature of our facilities, and the stringency of our safety protocols. These elements come together to establish a secure haven for your children to explore, learn, and grow. At Crossmaze Preschool, our aspiration is to cultivate an environment that encourages your children to unleash their limitless creativity and imagination.

Crossmaze - The Hub (Upcoming)


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Crossmaze Preschool and Day Care - Neotown, Site No 3/4, opposite to GM INFINITE, PHASE 01, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560099


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