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GOOD MORAL VALUES are mostly molded from a place, where LOVE, FAITH and HOPE exist.

by Arsenio V. Manalo Jr       



We provide an interactive way of learning for young achievers which is relevant but not limited to physical, mental and academic area. We focus on offering education which is useful throughout their life for our students. Our Curriculum is powered by KREEDO, it is designed to enable the overall development of young brains.


“We excel in what we do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” 
Crossmaze strongly believes on this and we continuously work to enhance our style and teaching methodology to achieve the highest standard in academic achievement and institutional performance.



We understand that Theoretical way of learning is important but considering the young brains Practical Approach is needed as it makes learning like a play for them. We demonstrate by easy way to our children and encourage them to try out themselves. We believe in "Learning by doing". Experiential learning is a part of our curriculum.


Our learning and education program is designed to eliminate the achievement gap and encourage every student to become equally successful. As we understand that good pre-schooling is the first milestone towards the development and growth of children.

Achieving Target

Being a day-boarding pre-school, at Crossmaze, we believe in the idea of completing and motivating children to finish their assignments in school itself. Although we also encourage parents to work with their child for the overall growth and development.


Crossmaze is committed to build an honest, compassionate and safe working environment for our staff and students. At Crossmaze, we are committed to build a reliable, everlasting and positive relationship with everyone who is integral part of Crossmaze Family.

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