A New Way of Learning

Crossmaze.Online was born out of an urgent need to provide a reliable solution for our kids’ education. When you enroll at our Preschool Learning, you can count on superb, professional educational support that will give you the flexibility that comes with having a safe place to send your child to every day.

In these uncertain and unprecedented times, we understand the importance of maintaining educational opportunities in a safe environment conducive to learning. Making this a reality is our specialty, and we are dedicated to ensuring every student gets the support they need.

We Offer

  • Demonstrations of Learning Activities across various topics covering Maths, Language, Cognitive, Sensorial (added to the library every week)

  • Theme based content which helps a child to relate the learning with the real world

  • LIVE CONENCT to enhance the communication of your child which also develops bonding and interaction

  • Get access to 400 plus Learning Materials for your child to practice at home (at applicable charges)

  • Personal teacher will be assigned to address all the queries of parents and provide guidance by virtual meetings

  • We assure to provide 100% child friendly and ad free content

  • Virtual Fun Activities and Competition like Fancy Dress/Show and Tell/Puzzles and many more

  • Additionally we provide selective collection of world's most popular Rhymes/Stories (added to library every month)

Learning Sessions (enroll to access 700+ videos)